Project Portals for Timewax

Project portals for Timewax combines the power of Timewax with the capabilities that Office 365 offers in the field of collaboration and document management.

Based on your project administration in Timewax, using the project portals for Timewax, you create specially equipped team sites in Office 365. Project documents and (email) communication are so easy to store in one central repository. All relevant project information from Timewax, including project notes, minutes, emails, documents and project planning, are readily available to all members of a project team.

Important project data from Timewax are displayed on the project portals without users having to log in to Timewax. You decide who gets access to a project portal. External users can be invited free of charge and have access to all relevant data of your project.

Key Features

  • Standardised data link between Timewax and Office 365;
  • Easily store documents and exchange information;
  • Standard web parts for displaying information from Timewax;
  • SharePoint Overview of all project portals in your Office 365 environment;
  • Automatic allocation of projectmetadata from Timewax, to documents stored in the portals;
  • MS Office Templates (document templates) integrated with the portals;
  • Configurable archiving function for old or inactive portals;
  • Document catalog based on SharePoint Search, for easy lookup, grouping, and viewing of documents stored on the portals;
  • Instantly open and edit Microsoft Office documents on your phone or tablet;
  • Give remote users access to the portals at no additional cost (through a Microsoft account or work or school account);
  • Support future updates to Office 365;
  • The Timewax project portals, including published data and documents, remain available and accessible on your Office 365 environment. Also when the application is turned off