Do you find your project documents in SharePoint Online?

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Working in projects

Many companies work on a project basis. Projects are followed by project leaders and administered in a specialized software package for project administration – Billing and resource planning. Project-related documents and files are stored neatly by the project members in OneDrive and SharePoint.

So far so good?

Due to a rich history of projects and a mostly unstructured design of SharePoint, it is often difficult to find (project) documents easily. There is no relationship between the (structured) project data in the project administration and the saved project files in SharePoint. This makes it impossible to make a simple search for a selection of the files based on customer names and numbers, project names and numbers, or other project-related metadata.

Link your project administration to Office 365

With a link between your project administration and Office 365, a new Office 365 group can be created automatically for each project that is staged in the project administration. Each project will have its own portal for online collaboration and an own document library in SharePoint.

Relevant project metadata such as customer name, customer number, project name and project number are taken from the project administration backend, so that project documents are automatically marked with this when they are stored in the SharePoint document library.

Using the search function in the project catalog, project staff can easily search the project files in a Google-like way and make selections from documents from other projects. The same characteristics are used as in the project administration.

In addition to its own document library and SharePoint project portal, a shared mailbox, aMicrosoft Planner, and a OneNote project notebook are created for each project. With ‘Microsoft Teams‘, each project gets its own ‘ chat-based workspace ‘ to collaborate safely and mobilely on a project. With such a setup, all information in a project can be unlocked in a structured way in your Office 365 environment.

Features of our solution

  • Automatic configuration of Office 365 for project work based on your current project administration
  • Works for (virtually) every project administration
  • Collaborate securely online on projects
  • Give external project members (license free) access to project documentation
  • No technical management
  • Easy to implement

More information?

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