Who is IRRUS?

IRRUS helps organizations to make the most of their business Office 365 subscription. Easily share knowledge and collaborate on documents by cleverly using your Office applications such as SharePoint, Teams, Flow, and office groups.

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By using our portal software in Office 365, your SharePoint is arranged in a standard way to easily share and collaborate on specially designed team sites. Working in virtual teams around your projects, clients or services has never been easier.

Document Management

By combining key functionalities of SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive and Search, we provide an optimally designed document management system that meets all the laws and regulations that your organization is bound to. Your documents available anytime, anywhere, regardless of location or device.

Office 365 apps and custom applications

IRRUS specialises in the development of Office add-ins that enable the functionality of Office 365 to be customized according to your needs to fully support your business processes. Click here for more information about our products.


Approval of documents, checking of publications on your website, reviewing important documents; Secure your important business processes using workflow in Office 365. IRRUS advises you in using the out of the box (work) Flow functions or the deployment of 3rd party tools as Nintex Workflow.

Serverless Computing

Using Azure Services together with your Office 365 subscription creates a serverless integration platform. Workflows and links scale automatically based on usage. You only pay for the use, so no investments are needed to develop and host your integrations and apps.

Replace your file shares

IRRUS will be happy to help you transfer your current file shares to Office 365. Use the out of the box Office 365 applications such as SharePoint, OneDrive, and Video to make shared business content available to your employees and customers.